Problems compiling dbus-glib (freezing)

Brett Randall brett at
Fri Nov 30 03:34:17 PST 2007

Hey all

I'm very new to Mac. Have been using Debian linux for years but decided to
give Mac OS X a go. Trying to get a bunch of apps working in Mac OS X but
the dbus-glib library is not compiling. The port install sits there for
hours doing nothing, and if I try a manual "make all", it gets to this line:

Making all in core
../../dbus/dbus-binding-tool --prefix=my_object --mode=glib-server
--output=test-service-glib-glue.h ./test-service-glib.xml

And then sits there for hours. If I control-break out of it, I get an empty
test-service-glib-glue.h file. If I kill the process, it dumps out a file
but its broken half way through.

Does anyone know what the problem is, and how I can either fix it or work
around it to get this dependency compiled?

Brett Randall
Systems Engineer
Hillsong Church
02 8846 4800 

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