Problem with MacPorts 1.5 & Boost Install

Jyrki Wahlstedt jwa at
Thu Sep 6 05:31:00 PDT 2007

On 6.9.2007, at 15.04, luis cota wrote:

> Just downloaded and installed MacPorts 1.5 and ran:
> sudo port install boost
> The download completed and the build seemed to execute without a  
> problem.
> Next, I tried:
> man boost -> failed, no entry found
> locate boost -> libs found in various places, usr/include/... , / 
> Developer/SDKs/.../bits/ which boost -> failed apropos boost ->  
> failed (nothing appropriate)
> Any ideas on what could be going wrong?  Thanks!
the situation is actually as specified by the Portfile. Moreover, the  
package's configure script does not give an option to specify any  
directory to install the documentation. BTW, the documentation seems  
to be mostly HTML, not man pages. You could add a ticket to trac, so  
that the maintainer would add a step to copy the documentation  

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