vncserver with Aqua gui

Brian Barrera 2nfinite at
Thu Sep 6 12:42:47 PDT 2007

On 9/5/07, Anthony Michael Agelastos <iqgrande at> wrote:
> Why use Vine Server when Apple's Remote Desktop does the same thing
> (is VNC) and is a feature of OS X Tiger? I use TightVNC to connect to

A couple of reasons why I use Vine Server instead of ARD's bundled VNC server:
- ARD doesn't support 8 or 16 bit color depth unless connected to
Apple's paid ARD client/mgr
- Vine Server starts after reboot allowing complete remote graphical control
- Vine Server will run multiple desktop sessions after users login
using fast switching

I remotely manage Macs using command-line but sometimes need to login
graphically. Running VNC at 24-bit color over a VPN tunnel is a
disaster, however it works fine at 16-bit color but by default the
bundled ARD VNC server will not allow connections at lower color


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