How to handle different versions of Python

Derek Harland derek at
Thu Sep 6 15:20:38 PDT 2007

On 7/09/2007, at 8:54 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Well if the goal is simultaneous installation of multiple versions  
> of python, then a single portfile with variants is not an option,  
> since you cannot simultaneously install multiple variant versions  
> of a single port. Only one version of a port can be active at once.  
> So you need separate ports, as we have now.

I agree.  However would it not be possible to (theoretically) have a  
variant install extra files, so that something like

	port install some-python-package +python2.5 +python2.4

would install files for both python2.4 and 2.5?

I'm not suggesting this as solution ... I don't think its very nice,  
its more a question for my own understanding of macports.


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