db44/trac don't build

David Christopher Zentgraf deceze at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 20:56:25 PDT 2007


wow, yep, that's it. Renaming /usr/local to /usr/local-off solved it.


On  12. Sep 2007, at 12:42, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Sep 11, 2007, at 21:27, David Zentgraf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tried installing trac, which among others depends on db44.  
>> Unfortunately db44 doesn't build on an Intel Mac, 10.4.10:
>> --->  Building db44 with target all
>> Error: Target org.macports.build returned: shell command " cd "/ 
>> opt/local/var/macports/build/ 
>> _opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_ports_data 
>> bases_db44/work/db-4.4.20/build_unix" && make all " returned error 2
>> Command output:  /usr/bin/g++-4.0 -c -I. -I../dist/.. -I/opt/local/ 
>> include -O2 ../dist/../cxx/cxx_txn.cpp  -fno-common -DPIC -o .libs/ 
>> cxx_txn.o
>> /usr/bin/g++-4.0 -c -I. -I../dist/.. -I/opt/local/include -O2 ../ 
>> dist/../cxx/cxx_txn.cpp -o cxx_txn.o >/dev/null 2>&1
>> /bin/sh ./libtool --mode=link /usr/bin/g++-4.0 -avoid-version -O2 - 
>> rpath /opt/local/lib/db44 -L/opt/local/lib \
>>     -o libdb_cxx-4.4.la cxx_db.lo cxx_dbc.lo cxx_dbt.lo cxx_env.lo  
>> cxx_except.lo cxx_lock.lo cxx_logc.lo cxx_mpool.lo cxx_multi.lo  
>> cxx_seq.lo cxx_txn.lo db185.lo mut_tas.lo  bt_compare.lo  
>> bt_conv.lo bt_curadj.lo bt_cursor.lo bt_delete.lo bt_method.lo  
>> bt_open.lo bt_put.lo bt_rec.lo bt_reclaim.lo bt_recno.lo  
>> bt_rsearch.lo bt_search.lo bt_split.lo bt_stat.lo bt_compact.lo  
>> bt_upgrade.lo btree_auto.lo hash.lo hash_auto.lo hash_conv.lo  
>> hash_dup.lo hash_meta.lo hash_method.lo hash_open.lo hash_page.lo  
>> hash_rec.lo hash_reclaim.lo hash_stat.lo hash_upgrade.lo  
>> hash_verify.lo qam.lo qam_auto.lo qam_conv.lo qam_files.lo  
>> qam_method.lo qam_open.lo qam_rec.lo qam_stat.lo qam_upgrade.lo  
>> qam_verify.lo rep_auto.lo rep_backup.lo rep_elect.lo rep_log.lo  
>> rep_method.lo rep_record.lo rep_region.lo rep_stat.lo rep_util.lo  
>> rep_verify.lo db_ovfl_vrfy.lo db_vrfy.lo db_vrfyutil.lo  
>> bt_verify.lo  aes_method.lo crypto.lo mt19937db.lo rijndael-alg- 
>> fst.lo rijndael-api-fst.lo crdel_auto.lo crdel_rec.lo db.lo  
>> db_am.lo db_auto.lo db_byteorder.lo db_cam.lo db_clock.lo  
>> db_conv.lo db_dispatch.lo db_dup.lo db_err.lo db_getlong.lo  
>> db_idspace.lo db_iface.lo db_join.lo db_log2.lo db_meta.lo  
>> db_method.lo db_open.lo db_overflow.lo db_pr.lo db_rec.lo  
>> db_reclaim.lo db_rename.lo db_remove.lo db_ret.lo db_salloc.lo  
>> db_setid.lo db_setlsn.lo db_shash.lo db_stati.lo db_truncate.lo  
>> db_upg.lo db_upg_opd.lo dbm.lo dbreg.lo dbreg_auto.lo dbreg_rec.lo  
>> dbreg_stat.lo dbreg_util.lo env_failchk.lo env_file.lo  
>> env_method.lo env_open.lo env_recover.lo env_region.lo  
>> env_register.lo env_stat.lo fileops_auto.lo fop_basic.lo  
>> fop_rec.lo fop_util.lo hash_func.lo hmac.lo hsearch.lo lock.lo  
>> lock_deadlock.lo lock_failchk.lo lock_id.lo lock_list.lo  
>> lock_method.lo lock_region.lo lock_stat.lo lock_timer.lo  
>> lock_util.lo log.lo log_archive.lo log_compare.lo log_debug.lo  
>> log_get.lo log_method.lo log_put.lo log_stat.lo mp_alloc.lo  
>> mp_bh.lo mp_fget.lo mp_fmethod.lo mp_fopen.lo mp_fput.lo  
>> mp_fset.lo mp_method.lo mp_region.lo mp_register.lo mp_stat.lo  
>> mp_sync.lo mp_trickle.lo mut_alloc.lo mut_method.lo mut_region.lo  
>> mut_stat.lo os_abs.lo os_alloc.lo os_clock.lo os_config.lo  
>> os_dir.lo os_errno.lo os_fid.lo os_flock.lo os_fsync.lo  
>> os_handle.lo os_id.lo os_map.lo os_method.lo os_mkdir.lo  
>> os_oflags.lo os_open.lo os_region.lo os_rename.lo os_root.lo  
>> os_rpath.lo os_rw.lo os_seek.lo os_sleep.lo os_spin.lo os_stat.lo  
>> os_tmpdir.lo os_truncate.lo os_unlink.lo sha1.lo seq_stat.lo  
>> sequence.lo snprintf.lo txn.lo txn_auto.lo txn_chkpt.lo  
>> txn_failchk.lo txn_method.lo txn_rec.lo txn_recover.lo  
>> txn_region.lo txn_stat.lo txn_util.lo xa.lo xa_db.lo xa_map.lo
>> /usr/bin/g++-4.0 -dynamiclib -single_module ${wl}-flat_namespace $ 
>> {wl}-undefined ${wl}suppress -o .libs/libdb_cxx-4.4.dylib  .libs/ 
>> cxx_db.o .libs/cxx_dbc.o .libs/cxx_dbt.o .libs/cxx_env.o .libs/ 
>> cxx_except.o .libs/cxx_lock.o .libs/cxx_logc.o .libs/ 
>> cxx_mpool.o .libs/cxx_multi.o .libs/cxx_seq.o .libs/ 
>> cxx_txn.o .libs/db185.o .libs/mut_tas.o .libs/bt_compare.o .libs/ 
>> bt_conv.o .libs/bt_curadj.o .libs/bt_cursor.o .libs/ 
>> bt_delete.o .libs/bt_method.o .libs/bt_open.o .libs/bt_put.o .libs/ 
>> bt_rec.o .libs/bt_reclaim.o .libs/bt_recno.o .libs/ 
>> bt_rsearch.o .libs/bt_search.o .libs/bt_split.o .libs/ 
>> bt_stat.o .libs/bt_compact.o .libs/bt_upgrade.o .libs/ 
>> btree_auto.o .libs/hash.o .libs/hash_auto.o .libs/ 
>> hash_conv.o .libs/hash_dup.o .libs/hash_meta.o .libs/ 
>> hash_method.o .libs/hash_open.o .libs/hash_page.o .libs/ 
>> hash_rec.o .libs/hash_reclaim.o .libs/hash_stat.o .libs/ 
>> hash_upgrade.o .libs/hash_verify.o .libs/qam.o .libs/ 
>> qam_auto.o .libs/qam_conv.o .libs/qam_files.o .libs/ 
>> qam_method.o .libs/qam_open.o .libs/qam_rec.o .libs/ 
>> qam_stat.o .libs/qam_upgrade.o .libs/qam_verify.o .libs/ 
>> rep_auto.o .libs/rep_backup.o .libs/rep_elect.o .libs/ 
>> rep_log.o .libs/rep_method.o .libs/rep_record.o .libs/ 
>> rep_region.o .libs/rep_stat.o .libs/rep_util.o .libs/ 
>> rep_verify.o .libs/db_ovfl_vrfy.o .libs/db_vrfy.o .libs/ 
>> db_vrfyutil.o .libs/bt_verify.o .libs/aes_method.o .libs/ 
>> crypto.o .libs/mt19937db.o .libs/rijndael-alg-fst.o .libs/rijndael- 
>> api-fst.o .libs/crdel_auto.o .libs/crdel_rec.o .libs/db.o .libs/ 
>> db_am.o .libs/db_auto.o .libs/db_byteorder.o .libs/db_cam.o .libs/ 
>> db_clock.o .libs/db_conv.o .libs/db_dispatch.o .libs/ 
>> db_dup.o .libs/db_err.o .libs/db_getlong.o .libs/ 
>> db_idspace.o .libs/db_iface.o .libs/db_join.o .libs/ 
>> db_log2.o .libs/db_meta.o .libs/db_method.o .libs/db_open.o .libs/ 
>> db_overflow.o .libs/db_pr.o .libs/db_rec.o .libs/ 
>> db_reclaim.o .libs/db_rename.o .libs/db_remove.o .libs/ 
>> db_ret.o .libs/db_salloc.o .libs/db_setid.o .libs/ 
>> db_setlsn.o .libs/db_shash.o .libs/db_stati.o .libs/ 
>> db_truncate.o .libs/db_upg.o .libs/db_upg_opd.o .libs/dbm.o .libs/ 
>> dbreg.o .libs/dbreg_auto.o .libs/dbreg_rec.o .libs/ 
>> dbreg_stat.o .libs/dbreg_util.o .libs/env_failchk.o .libs/ 
>> env_file.o .libs/env_method.o .libs/env_open.o .libs/ 
>> env_recover.o .libs/env_region.o .libs/env_register.o .libs/ 
>> env_stat.o .libs/fileops_auto.o .libs/fop_basic.o .libs/ 
>> fop_rec.o .libs/fop_util.o .libs/hash_func.o .libs/hmac.o .libs/ 
>> hsearch.o .libs/lock.o .libs/lock_deadlock.o .libs/ 
>> lock_failchk.o .libs/lock_id.o .libs/lock_list.o .libs/ 
>> lock_method.o .libs/lock_region.o .libs/lock_stat.o .libs/ 
>> lock_timer.o .libs/lock_util.o .libs/log.o .libs/ 
>> log_archive.o .libs/log_compare.o .libs/log_debug.o .libs/ 
>> log_get.o .libs/log_method.o .libs/log_put.o .libs/ 
>> log_stat.o .libs/mp_alloc.o .libs/mp_bh.o .libs/mp_fget.o .libs/ 
>> mp_fmethod.o .libs/mp_fopen.o .libs/mp_fput.o .libs/ 
>> mp_fset.o .libs/mp_method.o .libs/mp_region.o .libs/ 
>> mp_register.o .libs/mp_stat.o .libs/mp_sync.o .libs/ 
>> mp_trickle.o .libs/mut_alloc.o .libs/mut_method.o .libs/ 
>> mut_region.o .libs/mut_stat.o .libs/os_abs.o .libs/ 
>> os_alloc.o .libs/os_clock.o .libs/os_config.o .libs/os_dir.o .libs/ 
>> os_errno.o .libs/os_fid.o .libs/os_flock.o .libs/os_fsync.o .libs/ 
>> os_handle.o .libs/os_id.o .libs/os_map.o .libs/os_method.o .libs/ 
>> os_mkdir.o .libs/os_oflags.o .libs/os_open.o .libs/ 
>> os_region.o .libs/os_rename.o .libs/os_root.o .libs/ 
>> os_rpath.o .libs/os_rw.o .libs/os_seek.o .libs/os_sleep.o .libs/ 
>> os_spin.o .libs/os_stat.o .libs/os_tmpdir.o .libs/ 
>> os_truncate.o .libs/os_unlink.o .libs/sha1.o .libs/ 
>> seq_stat.o .libs/sequence.o .libs/snprintf.o .libs/txn.o .libs/ 
>> txn_auto.o .libs/txn_chkpt.o .libs/txn_failchk.o .libs/ 
>> txn_method.o .libs/txn_rec.o .libs/txn_recover.o .libs/ 
>> txn_region.o .libs/txn_stat.o .libs/txn_util.o .libs/xa.o .libs/ 
>> xa_db.o .libs/xa_map.o  -L/opt/local/lib  -install_name  /opt/ 
>> local/lib/db44/libdb_cxx-4.4.dylib
>> ld: warning -undefined suppress disables -prebind
>> ar cru .libs/libdb_cxx-4.4.a  cxx_db.o cxx_dbc.o cxx_dbt.o  
>> cxx_env.o cxx_except.o cxx_lock.o cxx_logc.o cxx_mpool.o  
>> cxx_multi.o cxx_seq.o cxx_txn.o db185.o mut_tas.o bt_compare.o  
>> bt_conv.o bt_curadj.o bt_cursor.o bt_delete.o bt_method.o  
>> bt_open.o bt_put.o bt_rec.o bt_reclaim.o bt_recno.o bt_rsearch.o  
>> bt_search.o bt_split.o bt_stat.o bt_compact.o bt_upgrade.o  
>> btree_auto.o hash.o hash_auto.o hash_conv.o hash_dup.o hash_meta.o  
>> hash_method.o hash_open.o hash_page.o hash_rec.o hash_reclaim.o  
>> hash_stat.o hash_upgrade.o hash_verify.o qam.o qam_auto.o  
>> qam_conv.o qam_files.o qam_method.o qam_open.o qam_rec.o  
>> qam_stat.o qam_upgrade.o qam_verify.o rep_auto.o rep_backup.o  
>> rep_elect.o rep_log.o rep_method.o rep_record.o rep_region.o  
>> rep_stat.o rep_util.o rep_verify.o db_ovfl_vrfy.o db_vrfy.o  
>> db_vrfyutil.o bt_verify.o aes_method.o crypto.o mt19937db.o  
>> rijndael-alg-fst.o rijndael-api-fst.o crdel_auto.o crdel_rec.o  
>> db.o db_am.o db_auto.o db_byteorder.o db_cam.o db_clock.o  
>> db_conv.o db_dispatch.o db_dup.o db_err.o db_getlong.o  
>> db_idspace.o db_iface.o db_join.o db_log2.o db_meta.o db_method.o  
>> db_open.o db_overflow.o db_pr.o db_rec.o db_reclaim.o db_rename.o  
>> db_remove.o db_ret.o db_salloc.o db_setid.o db_setlsn.o db_shash.o  
>> db_stati.o db_truncate.o db_upg.o db_upg_opd.o dbm.o dbreg.o  
>> dbreg_auto.o dbreg_rec.o dbreg_stat.o dbreg_util.o env_failchk.o  
>> env_file.o env_method.o env_open.o env_recover.o env_region.o  
>> env_register.o env_stat.o fileops_auto.o fop_basic.o fop_rec.o  
>> fop_util.o hash_func.o hmac.o hsearch.o lock.o lock_deadlock.o  
>> lock_failchk.o lock_id.o lock_list.o lock_method.o lock_region.o  
>> lock_stat.o lock_timer.o lock_util.o log.o log_archive.o  
>> log_compare.o log_debug.o log_get.o log_method.o log_put.o  
>> log_stat.o mp_alloc.o mp_bh.o mp_fget.o mp_fmethod.o mp_fopen.o  
>> mp_fput.o mp_fset.o mp_method.o mp_region.o mp_register.o  
>> mp_stat.o mp_sync.o mp_trickle.o mut_alloc.o mut_method.o  
>> mut_region.o mut_stat.o os_abs.o os_alloc.o os_clock.o os_config.o  
>> os_dir.o os_errno.o os_fid.o os_flock.o os_fsync.o os_handle.o  
>> os_id.o os_map.o os_method.o os_mkdir.o os_oflags.o os_open.o  
>> os_region.o os_rename.o os_root.o os_rpath.o os_rw.o os_seek.o  
>> os_sleep.o os_spin.o os_stat.o os_tmpdir.o os_truncate.o  
>> os_unlink.o sha1.o seq_stat.o sequence.o snprintf.o txn.o  
>> txn_auto.o txn_chkpt.o txn_failchk.o txn_method.o txn_rec.o  
>> txn_recover.o txn_region.o txn_stat.o txn_util.o xa.o xa_db.o  
>> xa_map.o
>> ranlib: file: .libs/libdb_cxx-4.4.a(snprintf.o) has no symbols
>> ranlib .libs/libdb_cxx-4.4.a
>> ranlib: file: .libs/libdb_cxx-4.4.a(snprintf.o) has no symbols
>> creating libdb_cxx-4.4.la
>> (cd .libs && rm -f libdb_cxx-4.4.la && ln -s ../libdb_cxx-4.4.la  
>> libdb_cxx-4.4.la)
>> rm -f libdb_cxx.a
>> ln -s .libs/libdb_cxx-4.4.a libdb_cxx.a
>> /bin/sh ./libtool --mode=compile /usr/bin/gcc-4.0 -c -O2  -I../ 
>> dist/.. -I/opt/local/include ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c
>> /usr/bin/gcc-4.0 -c -O2 -I../dist/.. -I/opt/local/include ../ 
>> dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c  -fno-common -DPIC -o .libs/ 
>> db_dump185.o
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c: In function 'main':
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:212: warning: assignment makes  
>> pointer from integer without a cast
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:214: warning: assignment makes  
>> pointer from integer without a cast
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:229: error: 'struct __db' has  
>> no member named 'seq'
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:229: error: 'R_NEXT' undeclared  
>> (first use in this function)
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:229: error: (Each undeclared  
>> identifier is reported only once
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:229: error: for each function  
>> it appears in.)
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:234: error: 'struct __db' has  
>> no member named 'seq'
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c: In function 'db_hash':
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:262: error: 'struct __db' has  
>> no member named 'internal'
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:264: error: 'struct __db' has  
>> no member named 'internal'
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c: In function 'db_btree':
>> ../dist/../db_dump185/db_dump185.c:289: error: 'struct __db' has  
>> no member named 'internal'
>> make: *** [db_dump185.lo] Error 1
>> db44 doesn't have any maintainers.
> Have you tried the suggestions in this bug?
> http://trac.macports.org/projects/macports/ticket/12040
> Please let us know what, if anything, suggested there works for  
> you. This has been a very tricky problem to pin down.

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