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Thu Sep 13 06:10:14 PDT 2007

On 13.9.2007, at 16.06, Marc Farnum Rendino wrote:

> At 2:20 PM +0300 on 07/09/13, Jyrki Wahlstedt wrote:
>> this means that Bastille works on OS X, not that there is a port  
>> for it. Having a port for program x means that if you write 'port  
>> info x' you get port's description and 'port install x' adds some  
>> software to your system. All ports in this sense are to be found  
>> at site, nowhere else.
> Wow; if we want to use such a restrictive definition, we need a new  
> word - maybe "macport". :)
> - Marc

No need,
always, when one uses a word, the context has to be known (port has  
other meanings, too). If one sends a message to macports list, and  
says 'port', the meaning of the word is very clear.

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