problem when installing macports

Thomas De Contes d.l.tDeContes at
Wed Sep 19 08:21:29 PDT 2007

Le 19 sept. 07 à 06:14, Thomas De Contes a écrit :

> i don't understand :
> i have exactly the same config on 2 computers,
> on one it ran perfectly,
> and on the other it crashed :-(
> does sb see what could be the pb ?

the 2 computers have a G4, but not the same speed nor the same  
quantity of RAM

on one, the login shell is tcsh (it works), and on the other, the  
login shell is bash (it doesn't work)
could it be the cause ??

on both, i have installed the last version of xcode (2.4.1), but only  
devtools software, gcc 3.3, and software dev kits
oh yes, i just remember, on the computer where it works, i have  
installed gcc 4.0 instead of gcc 3.3
so, is it required to have gcc 4.0 to compile macports ?? why ?

do you need to know sth more ?

j'agis contre l'assistanat, je travaille dans une SCOP !

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