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Thu Sep 20 05:11:15 PDT 2007

Citando Daniel Oberhoff :
>  Am 16.09.2007 um 16:03 schrieb Yves de Champlain:
> >
> > I tried that for myself a few years ago and it took just one upgrade to 
> > break compatibility with OS X provided libxml2 and have me rebuild almost 
> > everything.  So while the idea may seem attractive, it just does not work.  
> > I think fink can handle it because their stable branch moves very slowly 
> > and because they have a distinct set of ports for every Major OS version.
> >
> > yves
> >
>  Ok, but how about tools like python/perl?

Programs depending on python or perl often need some specific python
libraries that apple does not provide (for example things like
py-scientific or p5-mailtools). It is not in macports' culture to
install things outside of /opt/local (or /Applications/Macports), so
installing these libs require a special libdir that your perl should
get. It is easier to count on a fresh install of python to find its own
libs than on the user to properly configure apple's python to find libs
in /opt/local.

Plus apple provided python is version 2.3. Macports provide python2.4 or
2.5 (maybe even python3k) so you have a better more recent with bug
fixes implementation and will be less likely to encounter and be enable
to correct bugs in that distribution (apple has long provided a buggy
ruby while macports' one was working well enough)

However, some programs do not require you to install python and work
well with apple's one (rubber for example, but I should correct its
portfile a little so that it is able to install with python >2.3).

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