Problem installing Firefox-X11 with Gnucash

Peter McLain peter.mclain at
Thu Sep 20 09:15:03 PDT 2007

I too was having problems trying to install gnucash.  I did the  

1. Edited the portfile and added --enable-system-cairo to the  
2. Re-issued: sudo port install firefox-x11. Since the portfile  
changed, it re built the whole app.

To find the portfile, do "port file firefox-x11" at the shell prompt.
The modified portion of the file now looks like:

configure.args	--enable-application=browser \
		--enable-official-branding \
		--disable-static \
		--enable-shared \
		--enable-default-toolkit=gtk2 \
		--enable-xft \
		--disable-freetype2 \
		--enable-xinerama \
		--with-pthreads \
		--enable-gnomevfs \
		--enable-postscript \
		--disable-prebinding \
		--disable-debug \
		--enable-strip \
		--enable-optimize='-O2' \
		--disable-tests \
		--with-default-mozilla-five-home=${prefix}/lib/firefox \
		--with-system-jpeg=${prefix} \
		--with-system-zlib=${prefix} \
		--enable-system-cairo \

(Make sure there are no spaces after the '\', and I used tabs, not  
to indent the line).

Now I'm on to fixing problems with goffice, -DGDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED  
and GtkTooltips problems...

Peter McLain
peter.mclain at

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