boinc @4.11 outdated

William Davis frstan at
Sun Sep 23 05:28:55 PDT 2007

The version of boinc in MacPorts is badly outdated, and will operate  
poorly when connected to the boinc server. In addition boinc itself  
has an intel mac version now at 5.11.20.  The portfile needs to come  
up to 5.11.27 or it serves no purpose.  Since an intel mac version is  
available perhaps this port should be deleted if it cant be brought  
up to 5.11.27.

Note that this client is run as a screensaver and is therefore likely  
to be installed and forgotten as long as the screensaver part  
functions. The distributed computing aspect is another matter and may  
be overlooked by end user. To avoid causing trouble to the boinc  
*server*, something needs to be done.

ticket made in trac.

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