gpg-agent on the Mac: is it voodoo?

Boey Maun Suang boeyms at
Tue Sep 25 22:23:38 PDT 2007

Hi Richard,

> I have setup dozens of Linux and FreeBSD machines with gpg-agent.   
> But, doing it on a Mac seems to be voodoo at best.  I think that  
> every howto and thread that Google turns up is missing some  
> extremely important prerequisites.  Quite honestly, I feel like I  
> am trashing my system with all the different installers I have  
> ran.  Can someone please just reply to this and encourage me that  
> it is possible?

I assume that you're having trouble with the MacPorts gpg-agent port,  
which I currently maintain, though I'm no expert in using it.  Can  
you provide details of the problems that you are having with  
installing or running it, and what you would ordinarily expect to do  
to get it working on Linux and FreeBSD?

Kind regards,

Maun Suang

Boey Maun Suang (Boey is my surname)
Email: boeyms at macports dot org

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