Removing confusion around apr / apr-util and mod_python / mod_python25 (method to the madness?)

Tabitha McNerney tabithamc at
Sat Aug 2 06:01:09 PDT 2008

Hi all --

I noticed that quite recently Ticket
*closed*, regarding mod_python 3.3.1 experiencing build failure -
compilation errors.

For a while, it appeared that apr and apr-util were the scapegoats, but
apparently not, from this excerpt:

It appears to be a problem with apr/apr-util 1.3.2
> may want to let the
> maintainer of apr and apr-util know about the problems too.

On closer inspection, it seems it's a mod-python code problem after all and
a change in apr has made it an issue, can't find any mention on mod_python
mailing lists or much movement on the mod_python trunk so not sure when a
fix will happen

On my Xserve running Mac OS X Server 10.5.1, I have only apr and apr-util
versions 1.2.12 but I noticed the maintainer (D. Luke) has upgraded to
versions 1.3.2 ... is there any reason why I can't stick with 1.2.12 for
both apr and apr-util, and then try to use the update to mod_python
(apparently per commit 38757) for this fix? Also, I have a similar error
with mod_python25. The mod_python25 fix seems rather difficult to follow
also in the bugs tracking system because we have a page that points to:

Ticket #13930 <>

as well as Ticket #14840 <> which is
now a duplicate of 13930

and the very recently re-opened Ticket
#16153<>(which is more specific
to a conflict beween mod_python25 and apr 1.3.2 but
am not sure about apr 1.2.12).

There must be a method to this (mod_python[25] / apr ) madness!


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