Rainer Müller raimue at
Sat Aug 2 12:33:44 PDT 2008

Charles Darwin wrote:
> `help builtin' for one. These all point to the  same page.

This is enabled by default and works for me.

$ help builtin
builtin: builtin [shell-builtin [arg ...]]
     Run a shell builtin.  This is useful when you wish to rename a
     shell builtin to be a function, but need the functionality of the
     builtin within the function itself.

> $ man builtin
> $ man bash
> $ man history
> Is `--enable-progcomp' enabled by default too? How can I tell?   
> [Makefile?]

Yes, it is enabled by default.

Run `sudo port configure bash` and have a look at the file
'$(port work bash)/bash-3.2/config.h'.

For example for --enable-progcomp there is
'#define PROGRAMMABLE_COMPLETION 1'. The mapping from --enable-foo to 
FOO is done in

HTH, Rainer

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