Dirty hack to get cairo compiled universally

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sat Aug 2 22:35:02 PDT 2008

I have not yet had a chance to evaluate your other message. But I  
wanted to note:

On Aug 1, 2008, at 15:44, Harry van der Wolf wrote:

> I made another change to the Portfile for the variant no_x11 (see  
> attached renewed Portfile)
> variant no_x11 conflicts glitz description {Omit X11 support} {
>     depends_lib-delete \
>         port:xrender \
>         port:render
>     configure.args-delete \
>         --x-includes=${x11prefix}/include \
>         --x-libraries=${x11prefix}/lib \
>         --enable-xlib \
>         --enable-xlib-xrender \
>         --with-x
>     configure.args-append \
>         --disable-xlib \
>         --disable-xlib-xrender \
>         --without-x \
>         --enable-atsui
> }
> I added "--enable-atsui" as the ATSUI font backend is primarily  
> used to render text on Apple OS X systems. Especially in  
> combination with no_x11 that one should(!) be enabled. I use "sudo  
> port install +no_x11 +universal" to build Gtk applications with  
> pango and gtk (both also with "--without-x" configure setting)   
> that don't need X11 but run in native Quartz.

There is no option --enable-atsui anymore. There was in cairo 1.4.x,  
but as of cairo 1.6.0 I believe this option is now called --enable- 
quartz-font, and as you'll see in the "platform macosx" section, this  
is already added to the port.

> As mentioned in one of the earlier mail threads:
> I always manually compiled cairo universally with: --enable-quartz  
> --enable-atsui --without-x

I am still trying to figure out how to compile cairo 1.6.x  
universally. How are you doing it? It breaks for me:


> manually compiled pango universally with: --without-x
> manually compiled gtk universally with: --with-gdktarget=quartz -- 
> without-x
> As mentioned: This enables you to build Gtk-Quartz applications:  
> Very nice!

Other than fixing cairo's universal build (how?), what do we need to  
change so that you can do this with MacPorts?

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