Portfile cached on repetitive builds??

Harry van der Wolf hvdwolf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 01:31:01 PDT 2008

@Rainer and @Brian: Sorry for having waisted your precious time. I modified
the Portfile. After (trying) to build I found that I had done something
wrong and changed that on two places where I should have changed it on three
places. It was all my error. Thanks for your suggestions anyway as I've
again learned something.
"port -d" is nice, did know that one, but not to use it interactively.  (-v
doesn't give you as much detail as -d does).
didn't know "port edit" either. I always edit with vi and I just added the
environment setting EDITOR=vi as it again saves some typing.

2008/8/4 Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org>

> On Aug 3, 2008, at 10:52, Harry van der Wolf wrote:
>  I'm working on the pango Portfile to make it a real two-step Universal
>> compilation.
> What is the matter with pango +universal the way it works now?
> Pango is "ENDIAN" dependent and was built incorrectly within MacPorts (just
as Gtk). Maybe it is now builing correctly as a universal librarary now that
glib2 has been (apparently) solved. I decided to make it a two way ppc and
i386 build and merge it with lipo to universal (like cairo is done). A
universal build that is directly using "-arch ppc -arch i386" in one step is
always using (AFAIK) the endianness of the build platform. A two-way step is
(most of the time) doing that correct  (especially now that glib2 is
apparently fixed which was also a big problem).

The plan was to build pango with "standard" Macports, use that in the
avidemux application bundle. Then compile it again using my "two-step"
compilation Portfile and make a second application bundle and let "my" ppc
users test.

If you are sure that pango is built correctly (e.g. little_endian for intel
and big_endian for ppc), I will drop my attempts immediately. Pango was just
on my way to test gtk for correct universal build (w.r.t. endianness)

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