molden for mac - help please

Jochen Küpper kuepper.jochen at
Mon Aug 4 02:36:11 PDT 2008


thank for your messages. I am glad you got it working.

> One thing still strange: I still got a checksum inconsistency  
> problem, that is, checksums are different between the portfile and  
> the distfile fetched from the official molden website. I got around  
> this problem by editing the checksum codes in the portfile.

This is due to a stealth maintainer upgrade of molden (sadly this is  
quite common for molden). If you encounter this problem again, please  
report it at
I have now updated the Portfile for the latest molden version and it  
should work out of the box.
However, I did nothing else than updating the checksums and bumping  
the revision, so there is no need for you to upgrade right now.

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