Having a pretty rough time getting php5 installed

Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Sat Aug 9 15:49:05 PDT 2008

>>>> Error: Target org.macports.fetch returned:
>>>>                   You have an Apple X11 installation already.
>>>>                       MacPorts will not overwrite it.
>>>>                   If you wish to use Apple X11,
>>>>                       install the X11SDK included with Xcode tools.
>>> As it says, make sure the Apple X11SDK package included with  
>>> Xcode  is installed.
>> The first part says I have it already, the second part says to  
>> install  it.  I already did, and just did again, by digging into  
>> xcode, I found  X11SDK.pkg and ran it.  I am pretty sure it is  
>> installed, where would  I look to prove it is or is not?
> You have X11, but not the X11SDK. These a separate packages. X11  
> comes from your Leopard DVD and is installed by default, the X11SDK  
> comes with Xcode.
> Check with the following:
> $ pkgutil --pkgs=X11
> com.apple.pkg.X11User
> org.x.X11.pkg
> com.apple.pkg.X11SDKLeo
> com.apple.pkg.X11DocumentationLeo
> This is what I got on Leopard.

Thanks, I got that too, and managed to get php and now apache  
installed, mysql5 is installed, but still the socket err.  I removed  
it, as well as the db directory, and am installing it again, and will  
try again.
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