Nagios/Macports on PowerMac G5

Dirk H. Schulz dirk.schulz at
Tue Aug 12 02:30:10 PDT 2008

Hi folks,

I am running Nagios in several instances on Linux machines for a few years 
now, so I thought I give it a try on a Mac.

I have installed Macports and with that nagios (3.03) on a PowerMac G5 Dual 
1,8 GHz (2,5 GB RAM), have configured 3 hosts and around 100 services - 
which is not much.

Now there is several problems that I do not find any way to get around:
1. Nagios uses 150 - 200 % of cpu (since it is a dual cpu system that makes 
sense) in normal operation. One of my other nagios instances on a linux box 
monitors 30 hosts with 400 services inside a virtual machine on a pentium 
III box without noticable cpu load. The rest of the machine (system, 
services) run on unimpressed with normal process behaviour (just a 
mailserver and the OS, nothing else).
What is happening there?
2. Nagios simply stops every now and then; it is not launchd stopping 
nagios, but the nagios process itself seems to hang somehow. It simply does 
not do any checks any more. Or a sub process hangs while trying to send an 
email. These hangs are quite weird - top and other tools list these 
processes as normally working processes, but they stop in the middle of 
something and do not go on or never finish. launchd does not recognize 
nagios as failed then and does not restart it.

I would be interested in looking very deep into this and spending quite 
some time, but I do not now where to look at. Any hint or help is 


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