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Joseph W. Losco joelosco at
Thu Aug 14 13:20:40 PDT 2008

Hello all,

My first post to the list, after reading for quite some time.

I have been learning Python for a while now and was wondering if there  
is any reason to not use the Macports build of python instead of  
something like MacPython now that it can be installed as a Framework?   
Since there are pretty much most of the well known python packages  
available with the easy port install commands.  I've looked online for  
a while now and can't seem to find any good recent information.  Most  
is too old, and not really since it's been able to be a framework.

I've been using MacPython for a while now, and have no issues other  
than just getting a different system up online quickly with the same  
builds of addons.  Its a lot quicker to do the port install and then  
all of the packages later.  Since its a framework, wxPython should  
look native on OSX?

Thanks for the advice and comments,

Joe Losco
joelosco at

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