Building Evolution-Data-Server with Openldap- NTLM support

Brad Allison brad.allison at
Sat Aug 16 11:56:43 PDT 2008

I'm trying to build Evoluton with Exchange support.  To do that I must build
evolution-data-server with Exchange support.

When I ./configure evolution-data-server it's building with openldap
support, but not with openldap-ntlm support which is required for Exchange
support.  The patch it says to apply actually is not in the package.

Anyone know how/where to get openldap with NTLM support?  The version I've
installed was from "port install openldap".

Here's what I get from ./configure of evolution-data-server:

configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating db_cxx.h
config.status: creating db_int.h
config.status: creating include.tcl
config.status: creating db.h
config.status: creating db_int_def.h
config.status: creating db_config.h
config.status: db_config.h is unchanged

    evolution-data-server has been configured as follows:
    Calendar:         yes
    Mail Directory:   /var/mail, writable by group mail
    LDAP support:     /usr (dynamic)
    NNTP support:     yes
    Kerberos 4/5:     no/no
    Gnome Keyring:    no/
    SSL support:      no
    SMIME support:    no
    IPv6 support:     yes
    Berkeley DB:      statically linked to local copy
    Exchange support: no
    Dot Locking:      yes
    File Locking:      fcntl
    Large files:      no
    Gtk Doc:          no

configure: WARNING:
No NTLM support in OpenLDAP; Plaintext password authentication will be
used when connecting to the Exchange Global Catalog server. Consider
installing the evo-openldap package, or building OpenLDAP with the
patch in servers/exchange/docs/openldap-ntlm.diff

MacBook-Pro:evolution-data-server-2.22.3 jackal$ find . |grep openldap-ntlm
MacBook-Pro:evolution-data-server-2.22.3 jackal$
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