Can the port command take advantage of multiple cores?

Yves de Champlain yves at
Tue Feb 5 14:41:37 PST 2008

Le 08-02-03 à 19:48, Vincent Lefevre a écrit :

> On 2008-02-02 17:45:35 -0600, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Not exactly. Not all software supports parallel building. Each port  
>> must
>> be tested to ensure that it works. As ports are tested,
>> "use_parallel_build yes" is added to the portfile. Then MacPorts will
>> build those ports using -j$jobs (where $jobs is the number of CPU  
>> cores
>> in your computer). This was added for MacPorts 1.6.
> Is there any reason why this option isn't documented in the
> portfile(7) man page?

BTW, gcc42 which is flagged as parrallel safe breaks for me at  
destroot.  So it might happen that stuff that works on 2 cores fail  
with more cores.


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