py25-pyx with texlive: works!

Brian Barnes bcbarnes at
Tue Feb 5 19:53:08 PST 2008

Hello macports-users,

I have just installed the new py25-pyx port (pyx 0.10) on my MBP  
running 10.4.11 and MP 1.6.0.

Using the ability to test local/new portfiles, I decided to first  
attempt installing py25-pyx using texlive instead of tetex for the  
dependency, simply by replacing teTeX with texlive in the Portfile.   

I only have one python script which uses pyx, but it worked perfectly  
to draw and create the graphics which we need.  Others could perhaps  
try their scripts, but pyx is functional.

This did expose a bug in texlive:  the file /opt/local/share/texmf/ 
fonts/map/dvips/updmap/  has an extra space between a  
bracket and a font name.  search for "< magh" to find the formatting  
error.  This is apparently a known bug in texlive fonts and is  
probably already fixed upstream.  However, pyx only emits a warning  
for the problem... the scripts run fine.

I do not have macports SVN commit access or the desire to be a port  
maintainer, but I hope this info is useful for people looking to  
upgrade ports from teTeX to texlive.  I have also checked the pyx- 
users list archives @ sourceforge, and the maintainers of pyx are  
already using texlive.  It should be safe to update this port's  



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