Is there lesstif-devel for macports?

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Thu Feb 7 17:41:38 PST 2008


On Feb 7, 2008 8:36 PM, Rainer Müller <raimue at> wrote:

> Michael Franz wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi,
> First of all, *-devel has nothing to do with headers or stuff needed for
> developers only. *-devel ports are newser versions of the port, mostly
> considered unstable.

I guess I am using the linux or perhaps Fedora terms here.  Since the
configure script is telling me to intall the devel version.  I know there is
a big discussion on this topic going on now. :)

> > I have installed lesstif but the development header files are missing.
> >  Does macports have a version that includes the headers?  Where would I
> > get Xm/Xm.h?
> $ port provides /opt/local/include/Xm/Xm.h
> /opt/local/include/Xm/Xm.h is provided by: openmotif

I rechecked my Xcode installation since I thought I remembered that it
include the X11 SDK.  The normal install didn't give me the option, so I
hunted around and found it in a sub-directory.  I found the X11SDK and
installed it.  I now have my headers.

> So this file is part of the openmotif port in MacPorts.

I think that is why I installed openmotif last time I did this and thought
openmotif was more complete than lesstif.  I found that strange since SuSE
and Fedora use lesstif.

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