multiple mac-ports installations and cleaning the hard drive...

Esteban Barahona esteban.barahona at
Sun Feb 10 19:16:00 PST 2008

Hi all,
finally the port command funtioned, I tried installing GIMP but there  
was a lot of dependancies missing (I have to learn to use autotools  
for this to work... but that's for another day). But I'm not asking  
for help with this... it will eventually work... somehow...

What I'm asking is to standarize a bit the use of directories that are  
used by macports, so that it can be deleted easily. Also, is there a  
way to install macports and its ports as a non-root user? does this  
apps use some form of sandboxing or jails? Also, is there a frontend  
of macports that allows easy installing and unistalling of apps?

This is to clean the hard drive, because some versions of ports (a  
form of directory based versioning may also help) may be installed  
multiple times because they don't work. Also, the redundancy of  
directories may create issues if a port used them (how to know which  
version to use). I'm aware that there is a way to delete all ports and  
macports, but what if there's the need of only tracking versions so  
that they can be deleted one by one?

have a nice day (or night)


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