Macports On Pure Darwin

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Feb 17 01:06:17 PST 2008

Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> and BTW many ports will also fail because they just suppose darwin to
>> be mac os x
> We still have separate "macosx" and "darwin" platforms don't we?

There are even three: "darwin", a superset of "macosx" and "puredarwin"

Darwin does not automatically include e.g. Carbon and Cocoa frameworks.
So technically those ports are wrong, or at least making assumptions...

> Do
> we want to continue having that? Or should we drop all semblance of
> Pure Darwin support? I guess if we (Anders) are going to all the
> effort lately to support other operating systems, we should also
> support Pure Darwin...

I added "support" for FreeBSD, as a substitute for the late Darwin.
(and additionally tried MP on Linux too, in the name of portability)

Darwin OS currently enjoys the same MacPorts status as Jaguar does,
"while stock lasts". Users of either should upgrade, like "yesterday".


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