Macports On Pure Darwin

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Feb 17 06:06:51 PST 2008

Michael Franz wrote:

> There are even three: "darwin", a superset of "macosx" and  
> "puredarwin"
> Darwin does not automatically include e.g. Carbon and Cocoa  
> frameworks.
> So technically those ports are wrong, or at least making  
> assumptions...
> I may have misspoke, I am using just darwin, I forgot that there is  
> a puredarwin project.  That is not what I am using.

"puredarwin" is a MacPorts variant that means "Darwin without Carbon"  
- such as Darwin OS.
"macosx" is a similar MacPorts variant that means "Darwin with  
Carbon" - such as Mac OS X.

The platform variant "darwin" would be set for both of them, as both  
have uname == "Darwin".
I think software is supposed to look for specific libraries/ 
frameworks, instead of assume ?


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