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> Greetings.
> Pardon my ignorance, but I can't find out how to begin using MacPorts.
> I have a MacBook just under a year old, with a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
> processor and OS X 10.5.4.
> I installed appropriate versions of X11, Xcode & MacPorts - all
> successfully, as I understood it.
>                 I cannot find MacPort's icon.
> Perhaps it is not its own app.   In which case it is a bit beyond my
> ken. barbie too.
> I've checked the online guide & FAQ and it all seems to assume this
> most basic how-to-start-using-it point is self-evident and I can't
> find any mention of what I need to do to begin doing anything else
> with it.  I've given up on that route, after a couple hours of
> installing and searching.
> Began this whole process in an attempt to install GIMP.  I'll try the
> other easy(?) route listed on their site, but would still be
> interested in checking out what-all MacPorts has to offer.  It seems
> an exciting source to explore.

MacPorts is not an application so there is no icon or anything like that.
It's a framework to install and manage other open source apps (like the
Gimp). It manages dependencies and versions/variants so you can just get
what you need.

Why don't send along to the list the output of "port installed" so we can
see where you are. If you get a complaint that port does not exist, you will
need to try "/opt/local/bin/port installed" as there as a known bug in the
last release that has never been fixed.

Paul Beard /
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