Installing without root privileges: what about /Applications/MacPorts?

Michael Williams williams at
Fri Sep 12 07:13:36 PDT 2008


I think I've successfully installed MacPorts without root privileges.  
I installed from source using:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/.macports --with-install-user=$USER --with- 
install-group=staff --with-tclpackage=~/Library/Tcl

(this was based on my interpretation of 

However, I've run into trouble with a couple of packages. These errors  
boil down to:

Error: Target org.macports.activate returned: can't create directory "/ 
Applications/MacPorts": permission denied

Is there any way to change this directory to, say, ~/Applications/ 
MacPorts or is it hard-coded?

p.s. if anyone knows mutt and MacPorts well, I have another package  
problem which I think it mutt-related rather than MacPorts, but  
comments welcome:

-- Mike Williams

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