bash reports "port command not found"

Richard Rucker rrucker at
Fri Sep 19 07:46:10 PDT 2008

  MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.5
  Xcode 3.1.1 Developer Tools standard installation

1. Installed latest version of MacPorts for Leopard, version 1.6.0,  
this morning using default option. Installer reported a successful  

2. Successfully verified the .profile file using the env command.

3. Attempted to list the all available ports using
      port list

    bash reported "port: command not found"

4.  Attempted to install some dependencies for D-Rats using this  
       sudo port install  <list of 4 file names>

    bash reported "port: command not found"

I checked the FAQ and archives (sorta), but didn't find this as a  
reported problem.

Please advise,

Dick Rucker, KM4ML
who wants to make use of D-Rats found here:

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