Ticket #16549 (add Ada to gcc)

Jerry lanceboyle at qwest.net
Mon Sep 22 14:14:17 PDT 2008

I am extremely interested in this ticket


to add Ada support to gcc. My particular situation is that I need an  
Ada 2005 compiler (which means gcc 4.3) which runs on PPC hardware  
under OS X 10.5. (My need relates to the fact that I have written Ada  
bindings to the excellent PLplot plotting library but I still work on  
one of the last PowerBooks which is PPC.) I already have a  
functioning Ada 2005 compiler running on PPC under 10.4.11 so I have  
the necessary bootstrapping required to build the new compiler. I  
believe that the process would involve building the new compiler  
while running 10.4.x and then installing 10.5.x while maintaining /opt.

I'm not sure how to encourage faster attention to this ticket except  
to "vote" with this post.

Many TIA,


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