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Mike Procario lists at
Mon Sep 22 17:21:12 PDT 2008

I have used gnucash for a long time, and I remember building it from  
source on linux. The developers said that gnucash lived high on the  
software foodchain. They used all sorts of libraries to reduce the  
code that they had to write, but macports dependencies still surprise  
me. I think firefox is a dependency too.

I have gotten it to build and it seems to work except for the help  
system. It displays the raw html instead of showing it formatted. I am  
still working on what is causing that.


On Sep 22, 2008, at 7:22 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:

> I was trying to 'port install gnucash' the other day, and the building
> process failed on some dependencies.  What surprised me was the sheer
> scale of the set of dependencies.  For example, one of the listed  
> failed
> dependencies was 'nautilus'.  Isn't this a GNOME file manager GUI?  I
> can't see why gnucash would require nautilus installation.  So I'm
> wondering if somehow I've gotten macports misconfigured, or if there's
> some way to build a more minimal gnucash version.
> thanks,
> R
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