Mark Hattam mark at
Thu Sep 25 17:46:20 PDT 2008

Is there something amiss with my MacPorts system?

I did a
sudo port install arpwatch

and it installed arpwatch into /opt/local/sbin ... just the 
executable, no directory.

and without making a default (empty) arp.dat and without the ethercodes.dat

It also didn't seem to complain about not installing libpcap which 
seems to be a pre-requisite according to all the online documentation 
about arpwatch. But arpwatch does seem to work regardless.

It would also be helpful to put in how to generate a up-to-date 
ethercodes.dat file, not least as I had to work out how to achieve 
sh massagevendor /opt/local/sbin/oui.txt >/opt/local/sbin/ethercodes.dat
having downloaded the oui.txt from

(or even generate an up to date ethercodes.dat file as part of the 
port install)

Mark Hattam

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