Jon Crump jjcrump at
Mon Apr 6 17:31:06 PDT 2009

>> More thanks, this is what I have:
>> mysql5 @5.0.67_1+server (active)
>> Is that what you meant?
> No, I meant more like if you plan to use mysql5 from php5, you need to
> select the +mysql5 variant on installation. Like:
>  sudo port install php5 +mysql5
> If you already have php5 installed but missing +mysql5, you can add the
> variant with:
>  sudo port -fn upgrade php5 +mysql5

Ah, understood. Many thanks once again. I'm sure there will be some 
wrinkles, but you've set my mind at ease and been a big help, and so 
swiftly too!


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