VTK port naming conventions

cssdev at mac.com cssdev at mac.com
Mon Apr 13 14:52:07 PDT 2009

 On Monday, April 13, 2009, at 04:49PM, "Darren Weber" <dweber at macports.org> wrote:
>This is a thread to discuss naming conventions for VTK in macports.
>Macports has the following VTK ports (as of 04/13/2009):
>VTK @4.4.2 (graphics)
>    3D visualization toolkit
>vtk5 @5.2.1 (graphics, devel)
>    3D visualization toolkit

It might be more clear to rename along the lines of:

vtk @5.2.1
vtk-devel @5.4
vtk4 @4.4.2

I'm not sure how best we might handle renaming the existing ports to match this scheme, but it would follow the scheme of keeping the "port named without a version" as the latest, stable release. I also need to fix the case-sensitive handling of the directory versus the port name. Any thoughts?

>Many of these separate packages in Debian and FreeBSD probably equate to
>'variants' in a macport.

That's true. MacPorts provides the extra language bindings in variants rather than separate ports, unless the demand hasn't been made to enable a particular binding either by default or as a variant.


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