VTK port naming conventions

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Wed Apr 15 04:33:02 PDT 2009

On Apr 14, 2009, at 19:02, Darren Weber wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 2:52 PM, Chris Scharver wrote:
>> On Monday, April 13, 2009, at 04:49PM, Darren Weber wrote:
>> >This is a thread to discuss naming conventions for VTK in macports.
>> >
>> >Macports has the following VTK ports (as of 04/13/2009):
>> >
>> >VTK @4.4.2 (graphics)
>> >    3D visualization toolkit
>> >
>> >vtk5 @5.2.1 (graphics, devel)
>> >    3D visualization toolkit
>> It might be more clear to rename along the lines of:
>> vtk @5.2.1
>> vtk-devel @5.4
>> vtk4 @4.4.2
> The -devel suffix (or just -dev) is often used with a debug release,

In MacPorts, the -devel suffix means it is a development version, as  
opposed to a stable version. Here is the request to document this  
fact in the Guide:


The suffix -dev should never be used in MacPorts port names. There  
are two ports currently using it and I have filed tickets to have  
these changed to -devel.



> and (or) it specifies that all the include headers are installed,  
> not just the binaries. As VTK is a library (not an application, per  
> se), the -dev suffix is sort-of "implied" (virtually mandatory).

It does mean this in some other package managers, but that's never  
what it means in MacPorts. In MacPorts, all ports that have headers  
always install them.

> Note that Debian use the names "libvtk-*" to be explicit that VTK  
> is a library, but this is not the case in FreeBSD.

We don't seem to have a standard for prefixing library port names  
with "lib" or not in MacPorts. Some do (libpng, libsdl), some don't  
(tiff, jpeg).

> Perhaps there could be a "dev" or "testing" variant of vtk for the  
> current CVS checkout?

No, a variant should never change the version of software that is  

Also, no port should install an unspecified version of software, so  
"current CVS checkout" is out. You could, however, have a port that  
installs, say, the version that was in CVS on 2009-04-14, and then  
update the port later if you need it to install a later version.  
There are a number of existing ports that install dated snapshots,  
such as gcc44, gcc45, graphviz-devel and isabelle-devel.

> Given that 5.4.0 is the latest "stable" release, it should not get  
> a -dev suffix.

Earlier in the thread it was stated that 5.4 is less stable / more  
buggy than 5.2.1, therefore it meets the criteria for being a -devel  
port, until it stabilizes a bit.

> I'm clueless about the @ syntax for version specificity; maybe that  
> will work.

I don't think Chris was suggesting a syntax so much as indicating  
what version of software would be provided by each listed port.

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