Tweaking a Portfile

vincent habchi vince at
Fri Apr 17 13:52:30 PDT 2009

Hi there,
hopefully I'm out of the tunnel and I can manage to work on some ports  

Specifically, I'm trying to improve the science/qucs port by enabling  
a universal build.
Qucs is built in two parts: a front end that cannot be universal  
because it links against Qt3, itself dependant on Carbon ; a back end  
composed of a mathematical core that can and should be compiled in 64- 
bit mode in order to improve performance.

So I have to configure one subdirectory with "standard" flags, even if  
the universal variant is set, and I have to revert to normal universal  
configuration in the second subdirectory. Is there an easy way to do  

I tried this piece of code:

pre-configure {
	# We must configure QUCS in 32-bit mode because of QT3 dependency
	# then we go back to qucs-core that we configure universal
	if {[variant_isset universal]} then {
		set cua		${configure.universal_args}
		set cuc 	${configure.universal_cflags}
		set cucpp	${configure.universal_cppflags}
		set cucxx	${configure.universal_cxxflags}
		set culd	${configure.universal_ldflags}
		unset		{configure.universal_args}
		unset		{configure.universal_cflags}
		unset		{configure.universal_cppflags}
		unset		{configure.universal_cxxflags}
		unset		{configure.universal_ldflags}


But it does not seem to work, since the environnement variables seem  
to be computed before the pre-conf phase (and configure runs with the  
universal flags). If I substitute pre-configure by configure, of  
course nothing happens anymore.

Any easy way to get out of this maze?


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