postfix, dovecot, mysql

Scott Haneda talklists at
Thu Apr 23 05:18:52 PDT 2009

Thanks for the .hidden file advice.

I have a semi working dovecot, mysql, postfix.  I seem to be getting  
errors when a mail from postfix is attempted to be passed along to  
dovecot.  Currently, the logs are complaining about users and groups.

I made my best effort to add a user and group called _vmail with a id  
at 5000 but it must not be working.  When I chgrp I get no error, but  
the file is listed as in a group of nobody.

I am pretty sure the port file needs modifying to add these users.  In  
the meantime, can someone break out for me what exactly it is that  
adduser and addgroup are doing in ports so I can manually perform  
those steps.

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