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Thu Apr 23 16:32:18 PDT 2009

On Apr 23, 2009, at 2:45 PM, Rainer Müller wrote:

> Scott Haneda wrote:
>> Can someone point me to how to make a most basic of ports, its only
>> job would be to add users and groups.  I know how to install a local
>> port.  Thanks
> So you don't need any fetch/configure/build etc.? What would be the
> purpose of this port?
> As added users are not even removed automatically at the moment, I  
> don't
> see why you would need a port just to add a user

Because I can not get dscl to play nice.  I need a user of vmail and a  
group of vmail with u and g id of 5000.

I have made more complex ports in the past that added users, and those  
always worked.  Since I can not get a OS X user made on the cli, I  
figure, I can coax ports into doing the work for me.

This is back to my other threads on postfix/dovecot/mysql

I seem to be able to auth against mysql, pop login via telnet, I can  
telnet to port 25 and start an smtp email, and even imap login.  I  
have not bothered with the ssl/tls parts of the above protocols yet.

When I do an smtp telnet to 25, set mail from rcpt to, data, and then  
send an email, it queues it, but looking at the log, I end up with  
this, which leads me to belive a permissions or user/group issue.   
Mail can not be delivered for some reason.

Apr 23 16:23:02 catalyst postfix/pipe[49273]: fatal: get_service_attr:  
unknown username: vmail
Apr 23 16:23:03 catalyst postfix/qmgr[49216]: warning: private/dovecot  
socket: malformed response
Apr 23 16:23:03 catalyst postfix/qmgr[49216]: warning: transport  
dovecot failure -- see a previous warning/fatal/panic logfile record  
for the problem description
Apr 23 16:23:03 catalyst postfix/master[43394]: warning: process /opt/ 
local/libexec/postfix/pipe pid 49273 exit status 1
Apr 23 16:23:03 catalyst postfix/master[43394]: warning: /opt/local/ 
libexec/postfix/pipe: bad command startup -- throttling

Very few people seem to have gotten this to work on OS X.  Very few as  
in I believe I know of one other person, there is nothing at all out  
there from others on OS X making this combo work.

I am poking the postfix mailing list as well, see what that gets me.   
The portfile certainly needs a few patches, but I need to figure out  
what they are first, then I can submit a diff.
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