Installing Mysql5 port on top of an existing mysql5 on Leopard and using Rails

Mikey Mike outsidefaris at
Mon Apr 27 19:33:36 PDT 2009

So for awhile I've had had Leopard and Mysql 5 running in concert with
Rails. I installed the macports version of Mysql5 because my original
installation apparently didn't have all the libraries that the plugin
thinking_sphinx needs.
Long story short, I'm getting this error message when trying to run a task
with this thinking_sphinx plugin:

ERROR: index 'item_core': sql_connect: Can't connect to local MySQL server
through socket '/opt/local/var/run/mysql5/mysqld.sock' (2)

The Rails app works fine...that is, I can connect to my original
installation of mysql5 and my database is still there. The better_sphinx
plugin is expecting mysql to be run from where ports installed how
would I move my existing data over there? Sorry if that's an extremely dumb
question, I only have a vague understanding of mysql's operation and how
MacPorts works.

I followed the instructions here:

And you can see that the build is expecting Mysql where MacPorts installed
it (opt/local)
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