Installing Mysql5 port on top of an existing mysql5 on Leopard and using Rails

Scott Haneda talklists at
Wed Apr 29 22:37:08 PDT 2009

On Apr 29, 2009, at 8:15 AM, Chris Janton wrote:

> ports is being used to maintain applications. MySQL is an  
> application, but it's all about the data that you store and use, not  
> the application itself.

Right, but there is at least one database by default to MySql, the  
permissions database, in /opt/local/var/mysql5/db  Are you suggesting  
every user that install MySql move that elsewhere?

I can see that idea having value in a lot of cases, but for the casual  
local developer, I don't think they even need to know where the  
database is, or care, they are going to use a front end anyway.

>> I was sort of under the impression the OP was doing small local  
>> development, and feel his setup should be contained within ports,  
>> if for anything, for being on the same page as everyone else.
> Being on the same page about the application, fine. Putting  
> everything that you need in /opt/local? Not sure that's the right  
> thing.

Why not, genuinely curious.  If you mentally thin of /opt/local as /  
it very much has a layout very much like most other nix's, with some  
small differences.

>>> Lots of "applications" let you specify how to get to the mysql  
>>> data via the socket interface - you may just want to change the  
>>> config file for the app...
>>> There's a very simple way to keep your data in one place - use / 
>>> etc/my.cnf to define things.
>> I could not find out where the ports version of mysql5 looks for  
>> my.cnf as defaults.  Do you know where it is looking within the opt/ 
>> local area?  I do not have a cnf file at /etc or /opt/local/etc
> The sample my.cnf file has this at the top...

Where did you find that sample my.cnf file?

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