ENV to macports

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Wed Feb 4 07:44:01 PST 2009

Timothy Lee wrote:
> So here is the issue...
> I can't compile universal. The project that I'm building for includes
> too many macports ports and I can't get all of the macports to
> successfully install.
> I DO have a 10.4 PPC machine that has successfully built everything that
> I need (obviously with no args added, its targeting 10.4).
> I want to build a 10.4 i386 build on my leopard i386 machine.
> When this is complete, I'll 'lipo' together all pieces of each
> individual tree (using mozilla's 'unify' script).
> I have tried adding +universal to my variants.conf and changing my
> macports.conf to universal_target to 10.4, universal_sysroot to the 10.4
> sdk, and universal_archs to ONLY i386 (as per your suggestion).
> Unfortunately this didn't work (too many assumptions in macports
> regarding the +universal variant and having at least two archs present).
> So now my only option is to explicitly drive into macports my CFLAGS,
> LDFLAGS, and most importantly my MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET vars.
> Is it possible to 'pass in' this information to macports?

You should be able to override macosx_deployment_target,
configure.cflags and configure.ldflags on the command line using
"name=value" syntax. Note that there will still be problems with this,
as platform darwin 9 variants will be selected when building on Leopard
(and you want to target darwin 8). MP just doesn't have a good way of
targeting another platform at present.

- Josh

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