need to uninstall all inactive ports

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Feb 4 07:49:28 PST 2009

S. M. Ibrahim (Lavlu) wrote:
> hi,
> i am using macports for last 6 months. recently when i was cleaning my
> hdd for some free space, i saw /opt/local folder size is 11GB :(
> i want to remove all unnecessary package + libs and also the orphan
> packages. and at the time of upgrade i didn't use -uR , lots of package
> have more then 1 inactive version.
> is there any easy way ?

'sudo port clean --all inactive' will remove the distfiles, and
'sudo port uninstall inactive' will uninstall the inactive versions.

You might also like to try the port_cutleaves port, which walks you
through removing 'orphan' ports.

BTW, I understand using -u when upgrading, but why -R? The latter will
upgrade dependents of the ports being upgraded, but that is unnecessary
if you're running 'port upgrade outdated', since everything outdated
will be upgraded anyway.

- Josh

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