gnome-doc-utils is missing db2omf

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at
Thu Feb 5 13:17:20 PST 2009

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 12:59 PM, Michael Crawford <mdcrawford at> wrote:
> I can't build gnucash because gnome-doc-utils won't build.  It won't
> build because db2omf isn't installed, and I can't figure out which
> port it should be in.

In hopes that the packages would be the same, I used the package
contents search at the Debian website to see where db2omf might be,
and it said that it's in gnome-doc-utils!  There are two files with
that name - this is in Debian now, perhaps it's different in MacPorts:



Note that the first is an XML file and the other is an XSL file.

It looks like both the files are present on my Mac, in
/opt/local/var/macport/build - in the gnome-doc-util's build

Perhaps someone can give me some tips on completing the build manually?


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