broken window focus with macports 1.700

Quentin Huys qhuys at
Sat Feb 7 14:44:00 PST 2009

Hi there

I have a problem which rather baffles me. 

I just did a fresh install of macports 1.7. I use the ion3 window manager, which
I love, but which isn't supported by macports (or many other distros, due to
licensing issues). 

Now here comes the tricky bit. It's geared towards using keyboard to navigate
windows. When I change window, the focus does move as it should, and the mouse
jumps to the menu bar of the window I move to. 

Unfortunately, programs don't seem to 'be' in focus when that happens. For
instance, if I use the keyboard to move focus to a window with xdvi, the cursor
will jump to that window's menu bar, and that window will look active, but xdvi
won't get any of my keyboard inputs until I use the mouse to move the cursor
into the window proper. As soon as I move the cursor out of the window proper
onto the menu bar no commands go through to the program any more. This is true
for ghostview, xdvi and others. 

Unfortunately that totally destroys the usefulness of ion3 as a window manager,
as I have to use the mouse every time I use the keyboard to move windows. 

I checked that this is not a ion3 bug. The same version of ion3 on an old
(macports 1.600) works fine. 

I have no idea how to even start thinking aobut this... Any ideas? 

Thanks so much!

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