gnumeric col and row headings font

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Feb 9 12:52:02 PST 2009

Bee wrote:
> I installed gnumeric 1.8.4 from macports.
> It works fine except the column letters and row numbers are missing a
> font. Column letters start as 0041 0042 0043 ie the ascii hex for A B C,
> similarly for the row numbers.
> googling finds someone on a linux machine with the same problem, but
> that solution is not applicable to the Mac.
> Anyone else see this?
> Is there a solution?

On Debian, gnumeric depends on gsfonts. In MP, these are included in
ghostscript. Perhaps the fonts can be split out of ghostscript into a
separate port, so that they can be depended on separately?

Does installing ghostscript help with this problem?

- Josh

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