Ruby 1.9 help bug

C. Florian Ebeling febeling at
Mon Feb 9 23:51:11 PST 2009

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 12:28 AM, joseph davison <jwdavison at> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I installed ruby19 and am learning to use it.
> There's a bug/problem;  Here's an irb1.9 session that shows it:
> jason(s002)[2005]% irb1.9
> irb(main):001:0> help :help
> NameError: undefined method `execute' for module `IRB::ExtendCommand::Help'
>        from (eval):4:in `instance_method'
>        from (eval):4:in `irb_help'
>        from (irb):1
>        from /opt/local/bin/irb1.9:12:in `<main>'
> irb(main):002:0> quit
> You probably also want to see:
> jason(s002)[2008]% ruby1.9 --version
> ruby 1.9.1 (2008-12-01 revision 20438) [i386-darwin9]

I get the same error on my installation. This is not a problem with
the port, though, but something in the standard lib module irb under
1.9. I assume you can safely use your ruby 1.9 installation and think
this is same minor regression from the 1.9 version bump. File a bug in
the ruby 1.9 bug tracker if you want to support the developers with
this problem.


Florian Ebeling
Twitter: febeling
florian.ebeling at

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