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Tim Lee timlee at rochester.rr.com
Wed Feb 11 11:10:18 PST 2009

How many ports actually contain darwin 8 or 9 variants?

When overriding macosx_deployment_target, CFLAGS, and LDFLAGS, do these get appended to the macports environment or do they replace the macports environment vars?


---- Joshua Root <jmr at macports.org> wrote: 
> Tim Lee wrote:
> > Does building +universal (setting universal_target to 10.4 & setting universal_sysroot to a 10.4 sdk) properly select Darwin 8 variants? Or does this have the same issue with selecting Darwin 9 variants?
> No and yes respectively, because platform variants contain a mix of
> stuff that is needed to build on that platform and stuff that is needed
> to run on that platform. The variants are selected based on the platform
> being built on, and the universal variant just uses the ostrich algorithm.
> - Josh

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