New digiKam port - now working!

Vlado Plaga rechner at
Thu Feb 12 09:39:27 PST 2009

After reading a private reply from Ryan Schmidt, and what Salvatore
Brigaglia wrote as a reply to our comments on his blog entry, I
experimented some more and... my digiKam is now working! :-)

Reading about the importance of dbus, and about problems with the port
version I had on my hard drive[1], I upgraded from dbus @1.2.12_2 to
dbus @1.2.12_4. I don't know what else exactly out of several things I
tried caused digiKam to work. Probably the most important measure was to
delete the old configuration file
"~/Library/Preferences/KDE/share/config/digikamr" and the previously
generated "digikam4.db". A reboot might also be necessary (for dbus).
Now there are still strange messages when I start digikam from the
terminal, and I can't quit it via the menu when started this way, but
it works just fine. The best way to start it seems to be via the
icon in /Applications/MacPorts: that way it's also possible to quit
the program normally.

Thomas: what dbus port do you have installed? Can you try my Portfile,
now that it works for me?

I'm reattaching my Portfile (this time with a proper MIME type, and
with one dependency less), and I hope it can soon be used as a starting
point for a Portfile in the official system. Notice I disabled gphoto
support because currently the version in MacPorts is too old, and I
don't need it anyway.

Unfortunately I had no success compiling the kipi-plugins (which could
extend digiKam's capabilities).

One minor issue I notice is the lack of program-specific icons in
my /Applications/MacPorts/KDE4 folder. What could I do to change that?

Vlado Plaga

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