py25-pyqt4 build fails

M Trumpis mtrumpis at
Thu Feb 12 14:30:31 PST 2009

Hi.. I ran into a pretty basic problem with the py25-pyqt4 (4.4.3)
port. The error blurb describes it all. Sadly, I don't know how
macports builds work, but somehow the config missed the
${prefix}/Library/Frameworks directory for the -F flag. I just changed
up by hand the Makefile in
[build-dir]/work/PyQt-mac-gpl-4.4.3/designer to include the right flag
and the install went fine from there.

Unfortunately I'm getting the bus error problem now when I try to
"from PyQt4 import Qt"

/usr/bin/g++-4.0 -headerpad_max_install_names -bundle -flat_namespace
-o libpythonplugin.bundle pluginloader.o moc_pluginloader.o
-F/opt/local/libexec/qt4-mac/lib -L/opt/local/libexec/qt4-mac/lib
-framework Python -L/opt/local/lib -L/opt/local/lib/mysql5/mysql
-L/opt/local/lib/postgresql83 -L/opt/local/libexec/qt4-mac/lib
-F/opt/local/libexec/qt4-mac/lib -framework QtDesigner -framework
QtScript -framework QtXml -framework QtGui -framework Carbon
-framework AppKit -lpng -framework QtCore -lz -lm -framework
/usr/libexec/gcc/i686-apple-darwin8/4.0.1/ld: can't locate framework
for: -framework Python


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