py25-pyqt4 build fails

Frank Schima macsforever2000 at
Fri Feb 13 06:06:50 PST 2009

On Feb 12, 2009, at 7:13 PM, M Trumpis wrote:

> Frank Schima <macsforever2000 <at>> writes:
>> There's a bug report on this issue:
>> <>
>> It does actually work for me though.
> Hi Frank.. I did come across that ticket. That problem seems to crop  
> up after
> the build stage, though. It seems to me like the build fail can be  
> gotten around
> with a few tweaks to the config machinery (however Qt does that).
> It looks like this attempt in the Portfile doesn't work:
> configure.post_args	LFLAGS="-F${prefix}/Library/Frameworks -L$ 
> {prefix}/lib"
> because the Makefiles in PyQT4 define "LFLAGS = blah blah", instead  
> of "+="
> I can monkey-see-monkey-do my way out of the problem line by line,  
> but I'm
> clueless about "fixing" the problem.

You're right, the error occurs during activation in that ticket - due  
to the Python Frameworks bug.

Are you on Tiger? What version of Xcode are you running? Have you run  
"sudo port selfupdate" and then "sudo port upgrade outdated" recently?

To do what you want, you could change the portfile command to:

	configure.post_args-append  LFLAGS="-F${prefix}/Library/Frameworks -L$ 

But that is not a general fix because the configure phase works fine  
on Leopard as it is.


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